A few months ago, I started investigating the health benefits of standing while I work at my computer. The benefits are myriad, and include:

  • More calories burned. Standing at a desk while you work can actually burn around 300 calories per day more than sitting.

  • Standing at a desk helps people with back problems. Humans were not made for sitting, and doing so for long periods of time can be really hard on your hips and lower back.

  • Improved posture. Standing can help improve your posture, which can relieve pain in your lower and upper back, and neck.

  • More breaks. I find that I take more breaks, which makes me happier and healthier. While standing, it is easier to just walk away instead of hauling yourself out of a chair.

After my research, I decided to convert my cheap IKEA desk into a standing desk by raising the legs up as far as they could go and then stacking books and Rubbermaid bins to get the height on the keyboard and monitors right. Here’s what I ended up with:

old setup

As you can see, it is less than ideal. It forced me to stand 100% of the time, and in order to take a break from standing, I needed to disconnect my laptop from everything and take it to a chair. Not awesome.

I reverted back to a sitting desk, and kept wishing for a standing option that would allow me to quickly change to a sitting position if I got tired, without having to deal with completely rearranging my work area.

Then, I discovered the Ergotron WorkFit-S while searching around for standing desk options. I loved the youtube video I found here:

I bought the WorkFit-S Combo (laptop + LCD) on Amazon with overnight shipping with my Amazon Prime account, and it arrived very quickly. I was a bit worried because the tech specs indicated that the maximum monitor size is 20” while using a laptop. I spoke with one of their marketing people on Twitter, and they were very helpful, checking with their support staff and product managers to provide me with any tips that they could dig up while I anxiously awaited the FedEx delivery guy.

When I received it, I immediately installed it on my desk. It took approximately 15 minutes to get it built and installed on my desk. My 24” LCD fit perfectly on the right, with my laptop on the left. I think the concern with the size of the monitor is not necessarily the size, but the weight. I could probably fit a 27” on here without a problem if it was light enough. My LCD and laptop are probably right on the edge of the maximum weight. Since the up and down motion is achieved with a pulley system, I had to adjust the tension a bit to get the balance right.


I did have to move it after I’d installed it in the center of my corner desk because the mouse tray kept hitting the desk where it curves.

The thing will attach to virtually any surface, but they also make a wheeled cart that has similar features.


I am very happy with it so far, and I look forward to reaping the benefits of standing, while having the option to sit!

The Ergotron WorkFit retails for around $399 and you can find them on Amazon.com or elsewhere.